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Healing ADD Brain Test Type

Healing ADD Brain Test Type

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TEST: Healing ADD Brain Test Type

The Healing ADD Brain Type Test will be a great start to helping educate you about ADD and to help you know about the different types.  You can also take a computerized test online that will score the questionnaire and give you suggestions for the different type or types endorsed.

A long time ago Dr. Amen realized that not everyone can get a SPECT scan. So, based on thousands of brain scans, he developed this questionnaire to help educate you and your loved ones about ADD/ADHD and its types.  The Healing ADD Brain Type Test is a 70 item self-test, which serves as an information tool to assess the possibility of overall ADD/ADHD syndrome and its seven types. This questionnaire has gone through many revisions as we learn more, but for now we think you will find it useful. Based on your answers, we will educate you about the type or types of ADD that you may have.

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